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The P-DTR Foundations Series provides students with the most comprehensive and practical functional neurology education available anywhere in the world.


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“This technique cracks the intricate code of the human body and all manner of its dysfunctions.”



“My introduction to P-DTR was easily one of the most significant events in my life… It will fundamentally change the way medicine is practiced over the next 20 years.”


PDTR Practitioner

Dr. Palomar- PDTR Global


Dr. José Palomar Lever is a practicing orthopedic surgeon and the founder of the Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex® method and P-DTR® Global – based in Switzerland. He began intensive research on the human software system – the fundamental rules underlying how the brain processes and responds to information  – in 2000.


Today, this comprehensive technique for identifying and correcting information processing errors (i.e. software dysfunction) within the body helps people around the world who suffer from acute and chronic pain, sensory problems, motor dysfunction, and a wide variety of symptoms that have otherwise left medical professionals baffled.


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